Each person who sits for a spiritual consultation is unique, therefore, your session will be individualized to you. You can either choose to meet by Zoom, Facetime, or a phone call. Whatever is most comfortable for you. I will send you the link if you choose to meet via a Zoom video session.

I tend to begin receiving impressions about a person when a consultation is scheduled. Initially, during our phone call, I will share those impressions with you. After that, I will ask you if you have focal points you would like to explore. Those may be answered in several ways. I may share what your higher good whispers in my ear, I may query the Graciella la Gitana Oracle© that I designed, or I may consult the tarot. There are times when Spirit chooses to share all the information you wanted even before you ask the questions! The willingness to be open is most important. There are times that an unexpected ancestor will come through for guidance, to share thanks, or just to send their deepest love and appreciation. I receive a great joy in communicating the information that has come through just for you!

$100.00 for 60 minutes

$275.00 for three 60 minutes session used within a 9 month period

$55.00 for 30 minutes